Families love having an inground pool. You should research all possible contractors before you hire a pool restoration Adelaide company to install your new pool or to line up your existing pool with a new pool liner. It is important to find a reputable, experienced pool restoration Adelaide who will be able to work with your design ideas. A good contractor will offer a free consultation to allow you to ask questions and get their feedback. These are the steps to take to find the right contractor.

Meet with the contractor in person

To get an idea of the experience and customer service, call a swimming pool contractor. Next, schedule a meeting with a technician to discuss your questions and get more information about their experience. Remember that they are not only responsible for the repair or installation, but also should be available to assist with any future maintenance, such as the replacement of the pool liner. You should not hesitate to ask about previous jobs or to provide certifications and references.

Concrete Pools Adelaide being built Concrete has been poured and is ready to be pool tiled

See examples of past work

It’s a good idea to look at previous installations before you commit to an in-ground pool. Talk to the contractor about your pool design ideas and ask for examples of similar projects. Although photos may be sufficient, it is worth asking if you can visit the homes of your neighbors or take a drive around the neighborhood to see examples of similar pools.

Consult with previous clients’ references

It is a great way to learn about the experience and services of the contractor by speaking with homeowners who have had their pool installed. Here are some questions to ask:

You should ask for references from satisfied customers to give you a list of people who are willing to talk with you by phone. You can also look online for reviews.

Check to see if the contractor is licensed and insured

An insured contractor should install your pool. You may be responsible for additional costs if they do not have the proper insurance. You may be responsible for any injuries that your employees sustain during the installation if they aren’t licensed or insured. Before the work begins, make sure that the contractor has insurance and is licensed. You should also be aware of the fact that there may be different laws in different states and cities regarding insurance and licensing for contractors.

Take the same design page

Your design idea may involve complex landscaping or the installation of a pool in an existing area. A pool contractor who is skilled in understanding your idea and can handle it should be able to. They should be open to working with you and flexible with your wishes unless your vision is impossible or unworkable. You should ensure that the contractor you choose can help you realize your vision or that they are able to create a concept that you like.

Consult with your contractor

After you have chosen a pool contractor, you should meet again with them in person to finalize details and agree on a cost estimate. Also, ask any questions you may have about the installation process. Ask if they offer maintenance services, such as replacement of the pool liners, and warranties or guarantees for work done. Do not be pushed by a contractor to sign a contract. You should read the following before signing a contract.

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