Swimming Pool Restoration: What to Expect

Do you own an old swimming pool in your new home? Perhaps your current pool has lost its appeal and needs to be renovated. Concrete swimming pools do not need to be removed and replaced. Although they can last a lifetime, sometimes the interior plaster, tiles, and pool paint start to wear out. Renovating your […]

Everything you need to know about Concrete Pool Restoration.

A concrete pool restoration is an essential maintenance procedure for concrete swimming pools. This helps to remove mildew, stains, and other debris from the pool. This process is different from acid washing which uses muriatic. Acid washing just removes the stains. Many factors can lead to the staining of swimming pools. These factors include low […]

Complete Concrete Pools Melbourne

About Full Concrete Pools Melbourne – Our FirmTotal Concrete Swimming pools has been developing excellent quality concrete swimming pools around Melbourne for over 30 years. Collectively, our full-time staff have more than 70 years industry experience. We are the leading concrete swimming pool contractor in Melbourne. Our competitors can not match the level of service, […]